Sunday, May 31, 2009


i am bored..and tired...
and dunno wut to do..
wiwie still aint here..comin back tomoro i tink lah..
sanah is in ganu and chomey obviously...
home lah..
wer wud she wana spend time in unihell..
so lucky la so close..
mine so far..
y oh y penang have to be so far..
y oh y ks have to be so empty...
and hot..and humid..
my ketiak all basah everytime went there..
now got syu and pia only..
in their own room..on9-ing..
me in my new room..
i miss my old room!!
this house..
org cuci baju pon banjir...
hujan turun pon banjir..
the good thing is its on the 1st floor..
and cockroaches..
anytime oso can come and fly and scare the shit outta me...
and they leave their shit everywhere...
i feel somewhat hungry now..
but no mood to eat..
nowadays no mood to eat d..
dunno why lah...

Friday, May 22, 2009

my dish :))

My chicken stuffed with tomato..supposed to be stuffed with cheese and ham but got none of those..haaahaaaaa...wana make more! easy n yummy!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

my very own cooking!!

What I made throughout the hols...

My 1st and very own Apple Pie

Doesn't look like the traditional apple pie but what the's supposed to be swedish kind of pie i guess..I'm having trouble with making the crust though..yet to be mastered!!

Apples and Ice-cream

This is for dessert :D

Watched this at Surreal Gourmet..
Looks easy enuf to I did it..
Easy n yummy :))

My Lemon Meringue Pie

The crust was a bit liat..x jadi..haahaa

But the lemon filling and the meringue was actually good..

A job well done ayi..haaahaa :D

and i do not have a pie that's why it's in a bowl..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

walking away

i am in the dark
i am alone and lonely
i am crying
i am in pain
y can't u see me now
y can't u understand me anymore
y can't u feel what i feel
see me for who i am
instead of someone you made up in your mind
accept me for who i am
instead of turning me into something im not
understand my pain
tell me u understand
instead of throwing me harsh words
instead of denying me
instead of throwing me away from ur life
tell me
what has changed
is it ur feelings
is it the way u see me
does my love for u makes u sick
do i bring strain to ur shoulders
do i bring strain to ur eyes
am i no more your eveything
am i just nothing more than an excess baggage to u now
tell me
tell me u fell out of love
tell me u fell in love with someone new
tell me i am only bothering
break what has left of me
break my broken heart
again and again
until u can get rid of me
until u can finally make me understand
that u don't need me anymore
i then shall
walk away from u
slowly but steadily
u won't see me anymore
even if i am in front of u
u won't hear me anymore
even if my voice passes u by
i have perish from ur life
when that happens
i will walk out from ur life
ur life of new found happiness
but when u need me
i shall be there
just say the words
i am there for u

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

my own made dish..weehee~


I love cooking..wee~
much more pics to come throughout the hols...
yeah yeah yeah!!
wish can bake cookies and cake though..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i can honestly say..

it's been another tuff time for me eventho been tru it soo many times..yet still gets me like fucked up each time..
here goes to all
the lies u told me..
the love i believed u had for me..
the promises u made me..
the drunken vows u made me..
the crappy lectures u gave me..
the things u said to me..
the heartache u gave me..
the hopes and the faiths u've let down..
the disappointment u gave me..

i'm saying my goodbyes and i'll be going on..
i can't stay and watch u move on..
i can't stay and watch u fall in love with someone else..
i can't stay and watch u touch somebody else...
i am not strong enough for this..
i am not brave enough..
i can only pray that ull come back
but i know it will never happen..
what am i supposed to do..
now that u left me all alone..
when i need u the most..
u seem to not care anymore..
u can only seem to utter
be a friend o nothin..
what am i supposed to do
when i thought i know someone so well
then only finding out that i have no idea who he is actually
were u really there?
was ur love real?
or maybe it's just an act..
well u can rest now
im gone from ur life..
no more acts..
no more make believes..
just u and ur world..
thank u for everything..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

i am numb and empty

i am speechless
i am daze
i am confuse
thanks for breaking me
again and again
i can't verbalize
my feelings
i have become numb
my heart is empty
my feelings
are gone
i am not sad
i am not happy
i cannot be
where will it go
the things i'm feeling
it won't bring me anywhere
no matter
how hard i tried
falling again and again
standing up
believing in hopes and faith
i realised
it wouldn't bring me anywhere
kept bringing me down
i am at my lowest
my love
my faith
my hopes
are shattered once again
and don't want it
to be okay again
i am okay now
being like this
numb and empty
no longer accompany me
no longer standing by me
it's just me