Monday, January 24, 2011

I Am A Practical Teacher Week 2nd

we were introduced at the morning assembly..
from the looks of it, we will be 'mangsa buli'..
had to give few words about ourselves..
i sucked big
after that..
certain someone that my u was getting bad
and that someone told this humiliating statement in front of someone else
which makes me feel like wanting to dig a hole and die there
it was embarrassing
and dont know what else to say
don't think that someone like that should make us feel like that
thats very bad

Monday, January 17, 2011

I Am A Practical Teacher

My first day at school was surprisingly okay and kind off boring..
5.45 am- woke up n bathe
6.53 am- went to school (got lost and entered sk instead of smk :D)
7.05am - reach school..park safely..
7.20am- 1st morning assembly..met a nice English teacher

i've no watch..(need to buy a cheap one) but maybe :

8 sumthing- briefing with the principal, pk hem, panitia

9 sumthing- did some work

11 sumthing- went to eat at canteen..was too hungry..

12 pm- went to bilik kesihatan..bilik guru was full..met few nice new trs as well..

1 pm - met panitia bi for more briefing..apparently we are going to be observed everyday..i'm gonna die :DDD

don't remember when i got back home..

5pm- was asleep!! :)))