Thursday, October 15, 2009

peachy peach u r..!

it's time for you to realize and for me to realize that you meant nothing to me and you can live the way u wanted cz i don't give a damn anymore..its time for you to open your eyes and for me to open my eyes how stupid you are and how to stupid i can bitch about me and i don't can bitch abour me to everyone until everyone hates me and i don't u know are just as low as that song 'low,low,low' and yes you are a you think you can ruined my life and steal everything from me?not so fast..i'm glad i can see beneath you..see what kind of a person are you...i'm glad those people can't see the real you cause they're just the same as just bug off from my life..i'm glad you're not a part of it long peach!


life is full of changes and surprises..
some can be good for you and some can be quite bad..
some can bring you happiness..
while some can bring you depression...
and there are friends who will stick by you no matter what..others may fled when you're in some kind of trouble, while the others stick by your side..the ones that put up with you and your tears are the one you should cherish, while the ones that are gone the minute you are sad are the ones you should be careful's not as easy as it sounds...finding that one person that you can trust the most and won't let you down are seems like wherever you go the ones you make friends with are the ones that well, untrue..left you whenever you need them the most or left you when they found a better 'friend'..i could say lucky them..they'll have the best things in life then..bur for those who were left alone in the midst of trouble, what should they do?what's left of the world for them??what would you do if you were in their place?i say move on and forget those who forgets you cause you're only wasting your time...friends are everywhere and the truest of them are hidden somewhere beneath those fake diamonds...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i hate u w!!

i want to be childish now..

i hate u n i hate u
reli2 hate u
y cant u see
what's happening
dont u remember
how was it
before w came
w takes everything away
just cz w has everything
dont u c how w looks at i
dont u c how rude w is
u cant see
u cant see
y cant u see
u noe w
but u dun reli get it
ur blinded
cz w has everything dat i dun
n so u were blinded
n ur still r
not caring for i
cz ur too bz having fun with w
cz w has everyhting
w treats u fine
but treats i like shit
espc now
but u dunno dun u
cz u love w so much
u dun care how i love u
u just cared for w
n not care what we have
n what we had
cz w is the best
n i is only shite
dat has only shite
not like w
has everything
n w is peachy
like a peach
n ur blind
n ignorant

what's left of...

it started with a mistake..
and ends up with an unending feuds..
talking behind each other's back..
it's really a shame..
said our sorries...
regretted it..period...
and no feedbacks..
maybe sthing like 'aww,it's okay..i'm sad..we're sad..but we're going to make it tru n make dz work..i undrstand u guys'
sthin like tat...
but it never came up...
just not looking at each other..
pretending to be happy..
but deep down..
it's like a whirl pool of fucked up feelings..
did our part..
n now it's a dead end..
can't do anything nor turn back time..
not the best decision i've made so far i can say honestly..
not proud of it..
but guess it doesn't mean anything...
no one seems to take into account of what it feels like..
watching from far..
u've got everything now..
but i am left with nothing..
it's childish..
getting worked up over sthin like this..
still have a chance to preserve what's left..
but seems like ur too happy with where u r rite now..
remember how long we have been..
can still be fix..
but i can't see the future, can i?