Thursday, August 25, 2011

What I See

i've been lying to my mind
or my heart
i'm not sure
but I have not feel beautiful
for a very long time
I have forgotten
how to feel confident
how to feel beautiful
maybe because of those words
that i hear often
made me too numb
that I can't feel beautiful anymore
I've missed you
and the old me
when i look at myself
I see an ugly girl
in the mirror
with nothing to offer
to the world
when I look at myself
I see a lonely girl
that no one will ever look at
as anything beautiful
I see a lot of weakness
that will haunt me forever
I miss my confidence

Thursday, August 4, 2011

arrr me matey!

it's a different feeling
i wonder
how i would feel
when i would see you next
will it be the same
heart skipping a beat
breath taken away
cold sweats
on my forehead
eyes tearing up
all-smiles until the ear
the lines at the corner of my eyes
inviting you to look at me
will i have the same feeling
when i look at you
those eyes
that once was a part of me