Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Supposed to be the highlight of my birthday...but cannot go :((( so din go...stayed home..

The cupcake...yummy!!! thanks Sanah, syu , wiwie, pia :)))))

Sunday, July 19, 2009

surprise surpriiiiseeeeeeeeeeee!! :))

Wanted to put pictures of a very awesome cupcake that sanah belanja me...
heee heeee :))
i was near to tears wen they gave me the cupcake..
thank u so much u guys!!!
i love u sooo much !!!!!
my sucky birthday turns out to be great after all
even if its late
but still
i am damn happy :))
but now my phone is soo annoying...
suddenly went off while trying to transfer the pic!
stupid phone doesnt want to cooperate..
later i will upload the gorgeous scrumptious looking pic..
or maybe after exam

Saturday, July 18, 2009

my birthday cake..

finally, after few days..i've finally gotten my birthday cake..
thank u mama,papa,amin n boy !!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My BirThdAy PreSeNT!!

wohooo!!! i'm a rocker chic..hahahah!

the day i stood alone

I know what i did wrong.
but I don't think it's that wrong after all
until i deserve this kind of punishment..
it was a very special day for me..
i was actually hoping it would be one of those days that i'd be hoping for..
my first time celebrating it in a 'special' place..
but I was dead wrong..
I was left alone..
in the dark..
waiting for 12 o'clock to strike..
waiting for a miracle..
or waiting for my 'frens'..
but none of them came..
it was true..
they're celebrating our birthday somewhere without us..
and there I was alone..
worst birthday i ever had....
i'm not going to expect anything from them anymore..
no one deserved to be alone on their birthdays..
that was too much..
i'm starting to wonder what it is actually..
and they say i ditched them..
what nonsense..
if i did i won't be near them at all..
and i don't appreciate them?
only God knows how much i love and appreciate them..
but this is what frens are for...
but thanks to Chomey..
gave me a slice of cake..
after all seem to be doomed..
I am still lucky after all..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

WhaT I waNt To WaTch and OwN!!

when will i finally be able to collect all these?????

ThinGs I wAnt For My bIrthdAy thaT i KnOw I woudlNt gEt..!!

A CAKE that looks like if will get!!!
HARD DRIVE...maybe can get it by day..
IPHONE 3G that costs almost 2k sthin i think..sooo not gona get it anyway..
IPOD TOUCH that costs about 1k sthin...die lah..never will get..
NINTENDO DS LITE that costs rm700...possible but don't think so..

So that's all that I want for my birthday i guess..which i will never get..most of it..hahaha...
and somehow i wished that no one will remember my birthday cz i can cry over it..