Monday, November 30, 2009

red blouse!

this is beautiful..if only i can wear it..uhuhu

Friday, November 27, 2009

heels !

oh my...its beautiful :)
something that i would want to buy..but i i have giant feet!! :((

i'm going to buy this sweet looking heels one day..!! its a promise..just wait my love :)


do u know its hard to live?
when i see u...
do u know this hatred that's building inside of me?
this hatred that i feel
cz u made me feel like this..
cz it's ur fault..
i am blaming u..
cz u made me dz way..
u made me feel this way..
u bring me down..
do u noe tat?
u suck the life out of me..
do u noe tat?
if i could ever wish for one thing
it would be
i duwana see you ever again in my life..
yea u and ur stupid frens..
i duwana see u again..
get the hell out of my life
and out of my face..

Sunday, November 15, 2009

fuck u

i was standing in line at halilah
got the msg at 8.43am
read the msg at8.52
class canceled...
y dun u just wait until 9 n den tell me??
fuck u!!!
n ur fucked up time!
whoever got to do with dz..
fuck u..