Friday, December 24, 2010

merry Christmas..?

i absolutely love festive seasons like raya, xmas, chinese new year, deepavali..
but i just love the feelings that i got from xmas..
don't get me wrong..
personally i don't think it's wrong for me to like xmas..
i know it's jesus's bday o wat n all..
but it's not like me liking it cz of tat..
cz im not..
i like the idea of getting present in the early morning..
the turkey on the eve of the xmas..
the non-alcoholic eggnog..
the ginger bread man biscuits..
hot chocolates..
snow..yeah..i know too much xmas movie..
santa claus..
the red socks by the fire place..
the tree and the lights on it..
it's just too awesome for me..
and i wish i could experience it without being judged..
it would be a very cool experience...
haihh..but of course..
i'm not close to any of that,,
just here alone in my house blogging about it..

so anyway...

Merry Christmas to everyone.. :))
ho ho ho!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Envy Adams ( Scott Pilgrim vs The World)

I absolutely love Brie Larson in Scott Pilgrim vs The World..
She is just too hot..
There's something overpowering about her..
I love her style!!
I love her voice!!
Btw the song is Black Sheep - The Clash at Demonhead

The red heels that she wore in her concert..

Envy Adams actual style

Envy Adams in the Scott Pilgrim comic

Her style of clothes!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

money is truly everything..

i heard that the fuel's price is going up again..
apekah haram kejadahkah inikah..
aku rase dalam wallet aku tinggal rm7 je..
ina bg rm5 semalam..
tapi God..i don't have money to live..
how am i supposed to feed my lil blu car now..
dah la kotor mcm ape je..
xde sape nk basuh kan ke..
nk hantar g cuci..
duit xdak..
ha ha ha..
papa..dont u want to bank in money?
i need to buy books sumore..
hi hi..
no it's true i need to buy books for my term paper..
my God..
term that even real?
wats the purpose of it anyway?
to polish my research n writing skills?
but for wat?
im goin to open a pastry shop..
heh heh heh..
dreaming again..
probably i goin to kena hantam from my supervisor cz im soo stupid..
ha ha...
im wishing myself a good luck cz no one else wud wish me luck..
he he..
die lah..
bye lah