Monday, February 28, 2011

i hate u


term paper



i hate u

that made me do all of these two

in a short period of time

Friday, February 25, 2011

another day in hell

What I have learnt so far :

To teach summary:
* explain every paragraph
*write on the white board what points they are supposed to find
*find the points together with the students
*write the points on the white board
*finish the first sentence together

To read a text aloud:
*pick few students to read it aloud (usually they will read it very softly!!)
*ask them to choose the next person to read
*or asks the students to repeat after the teacher

When answering comprehension questions:
* Be strict with your answers
* Do not show that you are confused
*pick few students to read the questions orally
*write the answers on the white board

Time management:
* Don't always have to wait for the students to finish an activity
*Just go on as u need to manage the time very well

Objectives :
*as simple as possible (read text expressively/orally/answer 2 out of 5 of what q's)
*as specific as possible

*can ask them to close their eyes and listen as u read the poem
*can use music as u read
*make sure to explain the meaning first
*explain everything then only asks questions

Short story :
*explain the summary as don't have time to read the full story

Saturday, February 12, 2011

pencuri kau mmg bodoh

wei pencuri bodoh
u left ur fingerprints
u shud be scared

Friday, February 11, 2011

pencuri bodoh phuck you

kau tau kau apa
bukan..binatang lg baik
kau ibarat taik babi
tapi taik babi boleh buat baja
kau boleh buat apa aja
kau buat taik
menyusahkan orang
baik ko terjun gaung aja
atau dilenyek treler
aku nak tgk
menyampah dgn kau
menyusahkan aku
menyusahkan orang
sian mak kau
beranakkan kau susah2
lahir2 jadi apa
jadi tolol
pontianak tu lagi baik dari kau
kau ni macam toyol la kot
cume toyol tu mmg bukan manusia
kau tu manusia
cuma berfikiran macam taik
x boleh guna akal
buat malu keturunan kau aja
aku balik nk rehat
nk buat keje aku
sekarang kau dah tambah keje aku
pegi mampus boleh tak
aku benci orang mcm kau
kalau berani pegi carik kerja la
ni buat kerja pengecut
org x ada baru nk buat
wei kalau kau lelaki
wer did ur balls go
potong letak kat bontot kau ke
fuck u lah wei
i hope ull rot in hell

practically giving up

are practical teachers the lowest form of lives?

i am made to believe this..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

eh u what?

i dunno why
but it seems i look older everyday..
ppl starts to call me 'akak'
never in my years ppl call me that
still getting used to it
makes me miss unisel
and yes i do feel old here
i miss being young..
and this place is very very....
i hate it..
i am actually not looking forward to eat anymore since im here..
but i do still eat when im hungry..
just wasnt as happy as i was before..
being a practical teacher means no life..
the lesson plan is much more complicated and u dunno 4 what
wen u become a teacher ur lesson plans are all short and sweet
why are we even doing this?
tomorrow ill start teaching my 1st class..
1 double period of english, 1single period of literature
hopefully i can finish my tasks all
n can control the class
summore have to finish my term paper
honestly dunno wer to find time
between the lesson plans, curriculum activities, appendixes, printing, photostating
finding time to eat, sleep, watch chinese dramas, indonesian drama, cut my fingernails
i am very2 in a rut and messy situation
no time to wash my car also
im not eating well
not sleeping well
hopefully by the end of april im still sane..
ha ha ha ha

Monday, February 7, 2011

I am a very blur teacher

My name is Ayi Humaira...
I'm from Unisel..
Now, I do not want you to talk when I am talking..unless I asked you to talk..
So, please give your full cooperation..

------------------------------------------------- long silence

?????????? eyer upon me


"okay teacher....."

a sign of being bullied?
i was too boring?
i talked to fast?
my voice was funny?
was i being funny?
do i looked funny?

a beginning..not the end

The night before
cried my eyes out cz the printer wasn't working
my lesson plans..die lah.. 2 am??!!!!

The morning of the very dreadful-not really day

"No need to do my class today.."