Saturday, March 17, 2012

Customer Service Part 2

I hate rude people
especially customers
I hate demanding customers
macam lah I have my whole day to focus on you
i got 59 other customers to handle
and you are right there
screaming at my ears
saying all the nonsense you can come up with
giving me all the excuses
threatening me with all sorts of threats
fuck me?
i go to hell?
i'm stupid?
well go ahead
say whatever you want
i don't give a shit
i gave you the solutions that is within my control
yet your stubborn piece of mind
can't accept it
you don't want to listen
up to you
i got better customers that I can serve

Customer Service

The strong one survives and the weak one perishes..
I'm going to stay here until I get what I want
At least one year of experience
I don't care that you out there might think customer service is the lowliest of low
but should you put your feet in my shoes
you will see
it ain't easy
dealing with people
especially those who think they're greater than everyone else
they will force you to do things beyond your control
ingat company ini bapak aku punya ke
you want to complaint about me
go ahead
im just doing my job
starting from a low point
is what makes you a man
makes you a person
makes you human
next time you are calling in
make sure you understand
before screaming at me for no reason