Wednesday, June 29, 2011

awkward moment

it's kind of awkward
very awkward actually
u saw somebody eating chocolates
so u decided to ask for one
and then they hold that chocolate
pulled it towards them
and said they want it
and you were standing there
in front of those 10 pairs of eyes
waiting still
and waiting
in awkwardness

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

say no to racism

just for once
i wish to live in a world
free of
a world where
we don't see each other according to our skin colours
we see each other equally
we see each other as humans
no pigs, no dogs
just humans
and when we look at each other
it's out of mutual respect
not out of disgusts
just for once
i wish to live like that
we accept each other for who we are

Monday, June 27, 2011

hoi u bloody racists!

i know i'm not pretty
or good looking
or decent looking
but seriously dude
why the hell do you have to be so fucking racist?
cause i'm malay?
where the hell have u been living?
witches era?
*this middle finger for you*
i thought humans are waaay past this racism thingy
but guess what
humans like u still exist
u have a problem with malays u tell me straight
don't be such a dick
i try to smile when i meet people like
i try to be nice
hey we're humans
we're equal
skin colour does not matter
but somehow stupid people like u
exist in this world
why don't you put a stick up in your arse
it will complement your fugly look and your bitchy attitude