Monday, November 29, 2010

ha ha..u suck

i absolutely have no idea what to write..
maybe i should write about kak sya's wedding..
i went there with my friends..
it was held at Seri Melayu KL..
it was damn hectic la..
i for one would not want to hold my wedding in KL..
the busiest annoying-est place in the whole Malaysia..
but it was a good place to hold a wedding..
for people who can afford it..
well congratulations Kak Sya..
u were beautiful and the wedding was very grand..
fit for a princess like u..
i jz wished that i had attended that wedding as a guest..
but nvm..
as long as i can help..
it's good enuf..
and rite now im in unisel..
no money..
so im stuck here..
good for me..
my gums are swollen..
i cant eat anything that's too hard or ill suffer for the rest of the day..
i dont know whether i'm teething wisdom teeth or i duno what..
gotta ask my parents..
i remember them saying if it goes on for too long ive got to get the swollen gums cut out..
no way im doing that..
i hope..
i wana eat my biscuits..
but it hurts too much..
cant even open my mouth properly..
another haihh...
so ok la..
i wana go mandi..
stinky me..ha ha

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

hostel again???whaaaat??

i prefer living outside...not in the hostel..
it sucks..i don't feel welcomed there..
i want to live where i can feel homely..even temporarily..
and there's no class until next week..
what a waste..
i could have been staying in penang..HOMe!
i could have been baking..and sleeping..and on9-ing..
but no
couldnt tell us earlier..
have to waste our time..
i'm homesick for God's sake..even if i'm in my 4th year..
ok la..wana go buy food..
bye bye