Sunday, October 31, 2010

fuck this

i dont know whats wrong with u ppl
i am making money for god's sake
honesty fairness my ass
like u never did those stuff
just cz ur old doesnt mean ur wise
stupid lah weh
i cud just curse u rite there in javanese n ull never know
n say wat
have to b essay?
150 words
for wtf
its a fucking review
other ppl do it n its ok
n u have to go nuts over my freaking points
u know what
fuck u
n ppl like u

Saturday, October 30, 2010

yes i know thank you

for the hundredth time
yes i am fat
yes i got bigger
yes i have big thighs
now can you please stop reminding me of it
i realised it
i gained weight
i am fat
more fats
no muscles
thank you
now please stop
before i lose what's left of my self esteem
i need it to get through
thank you

Thursday, October 28, 2010

it's been quite long..
i just don't feel like writing..
n yeah i realised i am boring..
i am bored and my life is boring too..
i only feel interesting when i am eating..
exam's finish..
now waiting and dreading for my results...
i hope im not going to fail anything..
another 2 months and im off to practicum..
dreading it..
worst nightmare..ever
im going to smk puncak alam..
how am i supposed to teach anyone
i have no fucking idea...
how am i supposed to teach teenagers..
i have no idea..
i myself am not an adult yet..
im 20..21 is adult..right?
i myself am kidding with myself ...
i still sleep late..
wake up late...
lazy most of the time..
how am i supposed to do this practicum thing again?
well i supposed we all have to grow up somehow..
and i guess this is one way to do it..
by force..ha ha ha
God help me..
i have no clue watsoever with whatever i am doing..
i should have taken culinary arts..
open a pastry and cakes shop..
the things i would do..
if only i knew back then what ive known now..