Saturday, March 17, 2012

Customer Service Part 2

I hate rude people
especially customers
I hate demanding customers
macam lah I have my whole day to focus on you
i got 59 other customers to handle
and you are right there
screaming at my ears
saying all the nonsense you can come up with
giving me all the excuses
threatening me with all sorts of threats
fuck me?
i go to hell?
i'm stupid?
well go ahead
say whatever you want
i don't give a shit
i gave you the solutions that is within my control
yet your stubborn piece of mind
can't accept it
you don't want to listen
up to you
i got better customers that I can serve

Customer Service

The strong one survives and the weak one perishes..
I'm going to stay here until I get what I want
At least one year of experience
I don't care that you out there might think customer service is the lowliest of low
but should you put your feet in my shoes
you will see
it ain't easy
dealing with people
especially those who think they're greater than everyone else
they will force you to do things beyond your control
ingat company ini bapak aku punya ke
you want to complaint about me
go ahead
im just doing my job
starting from a low point
is what makes you a man
makes you a person
makes you human
next time you are calling in
make sure you understand
before screaming at me for no reason

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Indahnya Islam

It's weird that so many people that are born into Islam cannot appreciate the beauty of it, but people who were not born into it and had to sacrifice so many things to understand and practice Islam are the ones that really appreciate it. I guess some of us have to learn the hard way in order to appreciate something.

Something to ponder,

Are you a 'cultural' Muslim?
(someone who mixes up your culture with Islam? take the things that you want to practice but leaves other important things that you are supposed to practice in Islam just because it doesn't suit your lifestyle?)


A real practicing Muslim?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hijab for me

Hijab is not a restriction
It's a way of life
I choose to protect myself from being a fashion slave
To protect myself from showing my skin
Why must I make people like me by showing my skin
by following the latest trends
of too much skin
I believe that all of myself is for my husband
and no one else has the rights to see me otherwise
and that is one of the beauty of Islam

menjaga kehormatan dan maruah
menutup mahkota
dari pandangan orang lain
kecuali suami mu
kenapa mesti menunjuk-nunjuk apa yang ada
cantik, sememangya cantik
tapi kenapa perlu menunjuk
tidak kah terasa malu
orang melihat kemaluan kita
menjadi tontonan untuk semua orang
sudah tidak 'special' lagi
semoga aku dijauhkan daripada menjadi seperti itu lagi


Ya Allah

Berikanlah aku kekuatan

Kuatkan lah imanku

Berikanlah aku petunjuk dan hidayah


Thursday, August 25, 2011

What I See

i've been lying to my mind
or my heart
i'm not sure
but I have not feel beautiful
for a very long time
I have forgotten
how to feel confident
how to feel beautiful
maybe because of those words
that i hear often
made me too numb
that I can't feel beautiful anymore
I've missed you
and the old me
when i look at myself
I see an ugly girl
in the mirror
with nothing to offer
to the world
when I look at myself
I see a lonely girl
that no one will ever look at
as anything beautiful
I see a lot of weakness
that will haunt me forever
I miss my confidence

Thursday, August 4, 2011

arrr me matey!

it's a different feeling
i wonder
how i would feel
when i would see you next
will it be the same
heart skipping a beat
breath taken away
cold sweats
on my forehead
eyes tearing up
all-smiles until the ear
the lines at the corner of my eyes
inviting you to look at me
will i have the same feeling
when i look at you
those eyes
that once was a part of me